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Support Hundreds Of Data Sources, Fast Speed & High Accuracy

Integrate massive data between Transaction DB, Cloud DB, SaaS, Binlog with SQL-like code or Drag & Drop.

Reduce Complexity

The connector developed based on API can be compatible with offline synchronization, real-time synchronization, full synchronization, incremental synchronization and other scenarios.

Save More Time

Provides visual job management, scheduling, running, and monitoring capabilities. Accelerates the integration of low-code and no-code tools.

Simple And Easy To Maintain

Support stand-alone, cluster deployment, choose Zeta engine deployment, no need to rely on Spark, Flink and other big data components.

Mature & Stable

Experience the baptism of large-scale production environment use and massive data.

Rich Connectors

There are hundreds of connectors that can run on many different engines based on APIs.

Batch & Realtime Integration

Perfect compatibility with offline synchronization, real-time synchronization, and full/incremental synchronization scenarios. Supports visual development and code development.

Transforming Massive Data

Use ultra-high performance distributed data synchronization, which will synchronize massive data in real time to ingest or obtain changed data.

SeaTunel Zeta, Spark, Flink Supported

The zeta engine is used by default, and multiple versions of spark and flink are also supported.

Easy Management And Maintenance

Provide a unified development and management platform.

Fully-fledged Monitoring

Provides detailed monitoring during data synchronization to understand the actual data situation.